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EUROJOB helps your team seamlessly manage projects through their entire life cycle,
from initiation to planning, working, making adjustments and getting paid.


  • Eurojob - Resources planning module
  • Eurojob - Resources planning module
  • Eurojob - Overview of Planning Module

Great at planning? So are we. Let’s join forces!

Resources planning: Manage time & energy of your employees easily by assigning tasks efficiently to the most suitable resources of the company.

To do list: Have a bird eye view on your personal upcoming tasks in your own calendar. All tasks you are assigned to will be visible in your to do list.

Freelancers management: request and assign freelancers if you have to inside EUROJOB by viewing their availability. Get a response from the freelancer inside the app so you can schedule their work on time.

Multi-company allocation: share clients, jobs, tasks between different managed companies, business units of the company.

Group assignments & teams: assign tasks to your teams and let them decide who will pick up each tasks, depending on their planning.

Easy drag & drop function: Avoid clicks everywhere and enjoy the easy drag & drop function. A real user experience game changer in the software.

Task are then automatically linked to timesheets. When you’re done, just drag it in the timesheets column to create your new TS.

Team collaboration

Get real time collaboration and avoid sending dozens of emails, to get documents you need immediately

Integrated communication tool: Allow users to chat, share documents and briefings on specific tasks or projects.

Powerful notification system: used to social networks? we get you! Do not miss any update on tasks you are assigned to thanks to EUROJOB’s integrated & powerful notification system.

Any types of files: have everything centralized for each tasks/project & upload any type of files.

  • Eurojob - Team collaboration module
  • Eurojob - Team collaboration feature
  • Eurojob - Team collaboration module

Time tracking

  • Eurojob - Time tracking feature
  • Eurojob - Time tracking module
  • Eurojob - Time tracking feature

Avoid running after timesheets of your employees and enjoy the easy timesheets input system

Multiple timesheets input: Track & Lock time easily from scratch, by drag & drop or with our integrated Chrono.

Missing timesheets: Get an overview of all the missing timesheets, with powerful filters on projects & clients, resources, worktypes, etc.

Holiday management: give the possibility for your resources to see their remaining holidays & their used holidays, so they can request their upcoming holidays with ease in a dedicated screen.

Timesheets on the go: We know how difficult it can be to know exactly how productive you were and for how long when you are out of the office. But by using our mobile version, you won’t have to worry about all this anymore. Do your work and take a couple of seconds when you are done to fill in your timesheet on your smartphone.

Project follow-up

Maximize time & efficiency and improve margins on projects and clients

Planning dashboards: Get an overview of your late tasks, your missing timesheets and your upcoming milestones.

Financial dashboard: get an overview on the financial health of your project/client. With margins, budgets, timesheets, Estimates, …

Analytic dashboard: Coming soon.

Multiple views: To suit your way of work: from Gantt, to Agile. Be able to picture the complexity of your project planning and divide your project into component parts. Let the chart speak volume about whether you are on top of the needs and whether it will be successful.

Eurojob - Project Follow-up module

Media management

Eurojob - Media management tool

The right Billing tool for media insertions

Media estimates management: Create Estimates Using data coming from the media buying apps you are using.

Management of customer’s/suppliers tariffs and fees conditions: Management of the titles and technical data for each title.

Integrate with your own media buying apps: PopcornMedia, Telmar, BuyMedia, MediaSpecs-Retriever.

Integrated accounting

From analytic to general accounting with project costing management, EUROJOB’s integrated accounting does it all !

Analytic and general accounting: Enjoy our Integrated accounting in job costing management.

Project costing: Be able to check the accounting on each project.

Legal documents & payments: check your VAT returns, your balance sheets, etc.

SOX compliancy:
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 focuses on the proper management and disclosure of corporate financial information. EUROJOB automates the documentation and control of transactions and processes in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley or SOX regulations. In doing so, EUROJOB provides the basis for financial reporting required by financial and executive management and external auditors for compliance purposes.

Eurojob - Integrated accountig module

Estimates & Purchase orders

Eurojob - Estimates & Purchase orders module

Improve accuracy and provide clients with detailed estimates

Create offers and estimates from templates: use our existing templates to generate specific purchase orders or create and import your own templates.

Turn estimates into purchase orders and invoices: from draft estimates, to ready to approve internally, to released, to be approved by the client, to invoice; all the different statuses of your estimates will help you keep a clear overview on what has to be done and when.

Print preview: preview your estimate and see how it will look like before sending it to the client, then edit it if you still have to.

Management of Currencies and exchange rates: Get statistics in euro including same estimates issued in foreign currencies! Also, exchange rates are provided by the European central bank. Moreover, Send your estimates in your preferred currency.


Get a great overview on the health of a project in one single screen

Planning dashboard: know your late and upcoming tasks, but also your missing timesheets and upcoming milestones.

Financial Reports: know your over-budget projects and tasks.

Timesheet Reports: Know where timesheets are missing before invoicing. Get reports of timesheets compared to the budgeted hours, or reports on filled-in timesheets compared to the planned hours for a project.

Image showing Eurojob software in use on Mobile & Ipad


  • Eurojob - Mobile version
  • Eurojob - Mobile version

Out of the office? We get you!
Have everything you need at your fingertips

To do list: check your upcoming tasks on your mobile app. No more excuses.

Lock Timesheets: Timesheet input made easy on the go. From now on, lock time, ON TIME!

Leaves & holidays: Request and inform your superior for unexpected leaves and request holidays from your smartphone. Always helpful in case you have something unexpected happening. Furthermore, check your upcoming holidays easily in a list view or in a calendar view.

Don’t wait any longer and help your team to achieve more,

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